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ServiceMax Summer 16 - Kirkpatrick Consult Limited certified administrator

Since the introduction of Summer 16, all previously certified ServiceMax administrators must complete (and pass at 75%) the “Release Exam”. This new exam is now a mandatory part of the new certification maintenance program, and moving forwards, all new releases (4 per year) will have one. I am very much in favour of this new approach, as a lot has changed since I passed my original certification so knowing what can and can not be done is imperative when supporting the system, but more over the video guides that accompany the new releases are great. I find them really informative, with just the right amount of new information to retain, whilst providing links about where to find out more, if and when you want to.

Oh and by the way, I am happy to report, that I have just completed mine with a score of 100%!

ServiceMax Certified Administrator
ServiceMax Certified Administrator

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