Case Studies

  • Kirkpatrick Consult Limited - RKL Training Website

    RKL Training request a website

    Rob (from RKL Training Services Ltd) asked KCL for a website.  After the usual consultative meeting, we came up with a design and subsequently created the site.  In addition to the […]

  • Kirkpatrick Consult Limited - QBE Excel Training


    In partnership with Reed Training, KCL have designed and delivered a number of MS Excel 2010 training sessions, delivered both at the Reed headquarters in London and various QBE offices […]

  • Kirkpatrick Consult Limited - Dawn Lamb Flyer Graphics

    Dawn Lamb Fitness – Flyers and Loyalty Cards

    Dawn needed some flyers and cards to hand out at various events.  After a consultative meeting, KCL designed them and then printed them (at a super low price) and delivered […]

  • Kirkpatrick Consult Limited - Zurich Access Training


    In partnership with Reed Training, KCL designed and delivered a series of MS Access 2010 training sessions in order to take a small group of experienced Excel users from beginners to […]

  • Kirkpatrick Consult Limited - A5 Book Graphics

    Dawn Lamb Fitness – A5 Books

    Dawn had been writing a small book about Fitness Nutrition for a while, but was not sure how to take it from draft to hard copy.  In stepped KCL!  We […]

  • Kirkpatrick Consult Limited - Dawn Lamb Fitness Website

    Dawn Lamb Fitness requests a website

    Dawn from Dawn Lamb Fitness approached us here at KCL as she wanted a website.  So after a consultative meeting we came up with a design, and a month later she […]

  • Kirkpatrick Consult Limited - The Bengal Fox Website

    The Bengal Fox requests a website

    The Bengal Fox sits neatly next door to The Fox Burwell (Public House) and is managed by the same team.  As they were happy about The Fox's website they asked KCL […]

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