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Café Carrington is a chain of (currently) 3 superb home-cooked-food styled restaurants in Cambridgeshire, UK.

When they decided that their web presence needed a face lift, they turned to KCL to get the job done.  They had seen one of KCL’s previous creations and stipulated that they wanted something similar for themselves.  In the end they got a fresh modern design that links well with their existing house style, an easy to use content management system (that is updateable from any decent smart phone) and a vareity of automation systems, such as pushing website blogs straight to Twitter and Facebook.

Why not check out their site for yourself:

At the initial meeting Aidan (KCL Director) asked in depth and probing questions in order to find out exactly what was required, and took away examples of existing graphics and documents in order to analyse the house style.  Diagrams were drawn and an explanation of the process was discussed.

Café Carrington's Website Proposal Document

Café Carrington’s Website Proposal Document

Back in the KCL office a project proposal was drafted, that outlined what was to be carried out and most importantly, for how much.  It was emailed over and once everyone was happy with the contents, printed.  This document doubled up as the project initiation document too, so when signed, work began.

WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard

The site was built on the WordPress platform, as this is rapidly becoming the consumer choice in CMS (content management systems).  It offers a quick to configure and very easy to use interface to allow non-technical people the ability to update the content of their websites quickly, easily and regularly.  (All important for an interesting site and for helping you get to the top of the search engine rankings).  WordPress also offers millions of Plugins (that other developers have writer, mostly free of charge) that can extend the original functionality of the platform.  The plugins used in this project were to enhance SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), link in with Google Analytics to help track site traffic and search terms, and to enable new site content to be posted to Facebook and Twitter automatically.

WordPress App

The WordPress Windows 8 Phone App

Now that the site has been created, when the head chef decides what the specials are for the day, he will open the WordPress app on his phone, create a new post, take a picture of the special (or upload one from before), add a title, price and description and press publish.  It will then appear live on the website, on the Café Carrington’s Facebook page and their Twitter page.

Of course it doesn’t stop there.  Websites are live organic things (or should be) so will be changing all the time and to start with it is all about increasing site traffic (getting people to look at it).  In order to help with this Café Carrington decided to sign up to one of KCL’s monthly contracts, so that we could monitor traffic and alter the SEO meta data as and when necessary, in order to get up the search engine rankings.  As a part of the contract Café Carrington had access to any aspect of KCL’s expertise, not just web site support or SEO knowledge, so they also used our IT Training services to help train them on how to use the new software.  And if they need extra support in any one month, they also get a 20% discount on our standard hourly rate, just for being a contract client!

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