Carringtons new Loyalty Cards

Carringtons Loyalty Cards as designed by Kirkpatrick Consult Limited

Many people are surprised to learn that in addition to our Website Development work, KCL also creates the artwork for websites and a whole host of other applications including logos, web banners, business cards, leaflets, flyers, posters and even loyalty cards.

This was not news, however, to Café Carringtons!  As one of KCL’s most loyal clients, Carringtons had already commissioned a new website, but this time they had run out of Loyalty Cards.  So in one of our regular catch up meetings, we discussed the opportunities of a new card design, that not only allowed regular customers to enjoy free drinks, but also to high-light the 21st century ways of engaging with them.

The result was a handy credit card sized laminated (but only on one side, so as to allow for the card to be stamped) card, that reinforced the brand identity and on the flip side a series of QR codes to help customers easily connect to the free in shop Wi-Fi and other company social media sites.

The feedback from the design was positive, as was the quoted price for a batch of 5000 (as we get the printing done too) so look out for them if you are in Cambridge or Ely any time soon!  Now we are desiging the triangular table top menus…

James Automation request new website Hertfordshire County Council
James Automation request new website
Hertfordshire County Council

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