Company Director Seeks to Improve Public Speaking Skills

Carly Leonard Director Sustainability East

Carly Leonard, director of Sustainability East, is often standing up in front of a group of people delivering information, but one short 15 minute slot (over the audience’s lunch break) had her wondering how she could best engage the captive audience and really drive the message home.  Having thought about it for a while, she then decided to ask upon the experience of KCL for some more ideas.  Having accepted the challenge Carly and KCL director Aidan Kirkpatrick arranged to have a very informal 1:1 session, where Aidan was able to draw upon his many years of Teaching, Lecturing and Training and offer up some tricks of the trade, make some suggestions of how to tackle the 15 minute slot, work with Carly on her talk and allow her to practise it a few times with some helpful critique in between.

” The informal training session with Aidan/KCL was really useful – not only for the talk but for future presentations too.  The tried and tested approaches that Aidan was able to talk me through helped to give me confidence and feel relaxed and prepared for engaging with the audience.  The talk in question went very well and I am looking forward to putting the techniques into practice again the next time I speak to a group! “

Carly Leonard, Sustainability East

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Café Carrington order a new website
Company Migrates to Office 2010

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