IT Support

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Our IT Support service is where the real peace of mind comes in. We can support your existing infrastructure, suggest improvements or design and implement whole new infrastructures. From supporting your network to troubleshooting operating systems and other software, to providing a helpdesk for when “things just aren’t working” and the dreaded “blue screen”, we can deal with it all.

We offer 3 types of support:

  1. Over the phone
  2. Remote Access
  3. On Site

All of these can be either within working hours or 24/7, depending on your Service Level Agreement.

Also, for a per machine fee, we can remotely monitor and update all your PC’s and Laptops, without you having to worry about it.  And should any of your staff have any IT issues, a one button press (F8) will generate a help message straight to us.

If you want to know more, why not get in touch to see how we can help.

Remote Support

If you need us to take a look at your computer, click on the button below:

Share Screen

You will need to run the file that is downloaded and then tell us the 9 digit number that appears at the top of your screen, in order for us to connect to you.


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